What We Do

ForNova revolutionizes access to e-commerce product information. Our unique service bypasses the technical hurdles encountered by most e-commerce marketers, enabling them to out-perform and increase conversions and sales across all marketing channels. Furthermore, it helps retailers better understand the market and compete more effectively. 

Leading retailers and brands worldwide already use ForNova’s solutions and experience significant sales increase, including: Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, JCPenney, M&S, Harrods, Microsoft, AT&T, Sony, Gucci and many more. 

ForNova’s e-commerce solutions include:
• GoldenFeeds - Feed generation and management service (www.goldenfeeds.com)
• New! - Market analytics solution

Our “Magic”

ForNova’s innovation is based on artificial intelligence algorithms imitating the human understanding of web pages. By using visual analysis algorithms, combined with a robust semantic engine, web page content can be accurately identified and easily extracted. The visual analysis technology is language agnostic and can be scaled to multiple categories and geographies. 

ForNova holds several patents in the area of visual analysis and semantic engine.

Big Data Platform

ForNova’s content aggregation platform is capable of scanning thousands of sites with minimal adaptation. The platform operates on a cloud infrastructure, providing the required scale for Big Data aggregation and analysis. The platform dynamically uses ~550 virtual servers each day, launching 15,000 processes daily and handling web traffic of more than 9.5 TB each month. The platform is used by GoldenFeeds to scan hundreds of e-commerce sites, managing tens of millions of products every day.

Who We Are

We are a group of technology geeks and marketers, passionate about innovation in the e-commerce and internet domains. ForNova was established in 2008 by a group of technology experts. Under the brand name GoldenFeeds, the company became the worldwide leader of product feed generation and marketing services in the e-commerce market. The company’s R&D center is located in the northern part of Israel. ForNova has sales and marketing offices in New York and London.

The Team

Amir Freund


Dmitry Babitsky

Dori Stein
VP Business Dev.

Refaela Segdan
VP Marketing

Lior Lifshitz
Vice Chairman

Contact Us

ForNova Ltd.
Apollo Building
Yoqneam industrial park
P.O. Box 334
Yoqneam, 20692, Israel

Tel +972 4 989 2522
Fax +972 4 989 2533
Email info@fornova.net